Selected pictures from the West Side Christian Church

1901 Cornerstone Unveiling on September 2, 2001

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On September 2, 1901, a cornerstone laying ceremony was held at the new church building located on the southwest corner of State and Edwards streets in Springfield, Illinois.  The cornerstone can be seen on the left side of the front steps.

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That original cornerstone was moved to the new church site at 2850 Cider Mill Lane, and the unveiling ceremony took place on Sunday evening 100 years after the original cornerstone laying ceremony.
Mvc-815f.jpg (128089 bytes) Noble Bannon, the oldest living member, was in attendance at this ceremony.  In 1904, Mr. Bannon was born to charter members Benjamin and Martha Bannon.  He has been a West Sider all of his life.
Mvc-825f.jpg (127664 bytes) The 1901 cornerstone, was unveiled.  It once again mounted to the left of the West Side Christian Church main entrance.
Mvc-828f.jpg (131504 bytes) The names of those who served on the building committee, the architect, and the builder are engraved on the stone.
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Steve Battles, Eleanor Williams, Charlie Lee are shown with Noble Bannon.  Battles lead the singing, Williams read scripture, and Lee delivered a message at the unveiling ceremony.
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Noble Bannon shown with his son, Bill, who is an active member of the church.
MVC-838Ftu.jpg (160475 bytes) The vision of the 1901 leadership continues in 2001 as we seek to win the lost to His saving grace.